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Temperature controller

Temperature controller

This system consists of a temperature sensor (ASNTS5069) and a control unit (12V or 24V available). The fan speed varies according to the actual oil temperature on the sensor. This reduces the noise level of the cooler system and increases the durability of the fan motor, because it is not running on the maximum speed all the time. The start up temperature of this system is 44°C and the maximum rotation of the fan is applied when the oil temperature reaches 55°C. The electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) is tested according to CE (89/336/EC) and E (95/54/EC). Moreover the control unit (ASNTC12 and ASNTC24) can also be connected with our temperature switches (IP69K switch type). This is a simple on/off mode, according to the switch temperature. The control unit benefit is the soft start curve, extending the life time of the fan motor.


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