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Dc cooler

Dc cooler

Standard Cooler Series
ASN standard products have the advantages of a standard product and a customized one. 
This means proven quality, best lead time and competitive prices, combined with flexibility and perfect fit into a given installation space so that the optimal performance output and best integration in the system can be achieved. 
According to the cooler size, we offer various options and accessories to adapt the cooler. The benefits achieved, are not only for the application itself, but also for our customers’ end product as an advantage against their competitors.

Pollution reduces performance! 
Heavy polluted ambient air can clog the air side of the radiator and reduce the performance, dramatically. 
Our standard oil cooler radiators are designed with smooth wavy air fins to offer higher resistance against clogging. 
The smooth air fin surfaces are easy to clean and have a constant performance output. Therefore the cooler can also be used in applications like on agricultural machines, recycling power packs, quarry and construction machines without any additional protection (depending on the degree of pollution).


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