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o asn can customize special coolers and composite radiator according to customer requirements to meet customer's cooling performance and installation space requirements.
o Applications include:
o Hydraulic machinery;
o Gearbox cooling;
o Lube oil cooler;
o Hydraulic Power Unit;
o Engine cooling
o Injection molding machine;
o NC machine;
o Compaction, crushing and packaging equipment.


AC cooler

We can provide 110V/ 50/60hz, 380V/50/60hz, 400/690v /50Hz,

440-480v /60Hz and other electric cooler,standard protection grade IP55, can be based on.

Customer requests to provide IP56/IP66protection grade motor cooler.

Hydraulic motor cooler

The hydraulic motor cooler can be supplied according to the requirement of the customer's hydraulic pump.

Part of imports and domestic motors are in stock.

DC cooler

We can supply the imported brand dc fans such as Spal, Comex and ebm.There are also high quality domestic dc fan cooler for selection.

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