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——— Anti-corrosion cooler ———

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o asn cooling system provides corrosionresistant aluminum plate fin cooler for special environmental applications.

The core uses HRST high performanceanticorrosive spray treatment, and the sheet metal parts are treated withgalvanized and baking paint, and the fasteners are made of dacro or stainlesssteel products.

o Applications include:
o Ship machinery;
o Port Machinery;
o Rich chloride ion conditions;
o Offshore wind projects.


AC cooler

We can provide 110V/ 50/60hz,380V/50/60hz,400/690v /50Hz,

440-480v /60Hz and other electriccooler,standardprotection grade IP55, can be based on.

Customer requests toprovideIP56/IP66protection grade motor cooler.

Hydraulic motor cooler

The hydraulic motor cooler can be suppliedaccording to the requirement of the customer's hydraulic pump.

Part of imports and domestic motors are instock.

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